Flea Treatment and Prevention to Protect Your Home and Your Pets

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Like other homeowners around the world, you get unwanted visitors from time to time. You don't hear them ringing your doorbell. You don't see them coming in. You just realize they are inside your home.

No I am not talking about ghosts or aliens, but unwanted creepy crawlers like fleas. They come in hundreds, if not thousands to invade your home. You can find fleas in your carpet, mats, furniture, and other parts of your house. They come in all sizes, from egg, to larvae, to fully grown fleas.

Another problem with flea infestation is that not all flea treatments are effective. Fleas in their pupae stage are not affected by any pest control sprays or products. What should you do then to get rid of these unwanted visitors?

Protecting Your Home

There are a lot of suggested methods to prevent fleas which may cause irritation and illness to get into your home. You have to be very discerning when choosing which products to use as flea treatment since not all of them are safe. You must look for something that is safe for children, safe on fabrics, and not harmful to your pets as well.

A lot of homeowners use flea sprays to prevent flea infestation or eliminate them. These sprays contain insecticides which kill fleas and prevent them from growing. Read the label when buying these sprays, contents like adulticide and insect growth regulator will be very potent. You should also look for the sign "indoor flea" to know that it is safe to use the spray inside your home.

Aside from flea sprays, you should also treat your carpets and mats with Nylar. Nylar is known to combat flea and cockroach infestation. You only have to apply this once every 6 months since its effect lasts very long. Nylar is available in aerosol or liquid form.

There are also available flea stoppers in the market which you can sprinkle onto your carpets or mats. These are usually made from orthoboric acid especially formulated to combat fleas.

Another form of pest control will be to purchase electric traps for fleas. You can see these traps using infrared light and heat to attract fleas and other insects. This is one safe method if you are not too comfortable of using chemicals to control fleas at home.

Regular vacuuming of your home is also a mortal enemy of fleas. Regular cleaning helps a lot in controlling their numbers. Make sure that you get rid of the dust bag after use to prevent eggs or larvae to return to your home environment.

Helping your Pets

Having dogs or cats are big invitations for fleas to come into your home. No need to get rid of the pets though, you just need to bathe and regularly groom them so fleas and other pests will not cling onto them.

On the first sign of fleas, ask your vet for the best treatment approach before the problem gets worse. Early prevention is key so you can protect your pets from skin problems or other illnesses.